Starting an Indigenous employment initiative, but not sure where to begin? Having difficulties attracting Indigenous applicants? Having trouble retaining Indigenous employees once they have been hired? Unsure of the differences between employing Indigenous vs. non-Indigenous employees?


What are your key challenges?

Understanding business reasons for employment of Indigenous Peoples
Learn tips on recruiting Indigenous applicants
How to approach community outreach
How to increase retention of Indigenous employees

Who should take this course?

Everyone involved or interested in Indigenous employment
Federal, provincial, regional, municipal government staff
Retail, not for profit, hospitality, tourism, transportation


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quotes2Interesting and engaging training! The instructors are very open to questions and give no judgment. I hope to take more training in the near future!
S. S.DFO Canada Species at Risk Program

Start your learning here:

Either sign up for...
  • 对于那些寻求对历史,文化和与土著人民关系的理解的人的基础课程
  • Understanding history as a key piece of intercultural communications to help avoid misunderstandings
  • Truth and Reconciliation Calls-to-Action friendly.


and one of either...
  • Companion course to our Indigenous Awareness training
  • An explanation of why working with Indigenous Peoples in Canada is important
  • Learn what not to say and improve communication
  • Truth and Reconciliation Calls-to-Action friendly.


  • Companion course to our Indigenous Awareness training
  • Training on how to form and build Government - Indigenous relationships
  • 与土著人民合作的务实原因
  • How to begin to consult with Indigenous Peoples
  • How to manage risk when cultivating Indigenous relationships


Or take everything in one:
  • This course is Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations in a single course
  • Get beyond Indigenous Awareness to practical skills and tools that can be applied everywhere
  • This training gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd, boost your career, begin a path toward Reconciliation, and fulfil the requirements of the TRC calls-to-action


Then enhance your knowledge with any of the following:

  • Develop and hone practical skills and tools that can be applied during consultation and engagement activities
  • Learn the purpose and goal of consultation and engagement
  • Understand the difference between consultation and engagement
  • Learn the best practice for strengthening the consultation and engagement process


  • 考虑在寻求就业时可能会面临的障碍以及您的组织如何帮助克服这些挑战
  • Learn tips for successful recruitment and retention of Indigenous Peoples
  • 了解招聘和保留过程的每个步骤中必要的文化考虑因素
  • Understand the importance of community outreach for recruitment and relationship building


  • Apply our RESPECT model specifically to the subject of negotiations with Indigenous Peoples
  • Learn the most critical information required for successful negotiations and where to find it
  • Raise awareness of best practices for strengthening relationships during the negotiation process.


  • 了解联合国关于土著人民权利宣言的目的
  • 它将如何影响你咨询的能力and accommodate Indigenous Peoples
  • 学会浏览同意与否决权的对话。


questionDid you know?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada includes a Call to Action to the business sector:#92.Business and Reconciliation
"Commit to meaningful consultation, building respectful relationships, and obtaining the free, prior, and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before proceeding with economic development projects."

"I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this topic, and highly endorse others to experience for themselves the quality of the training."

A. J.

"I have taken other Consultation courses which left me with questions and confused. This one not so. It was a very good course."

C. N.Fisheries & Oceans Canada

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